Good-looking photos performs a crucial part in presenting your message visually, whilst catching audience attention. From creating stunning artworks, beautifying blogs to even building a brand, stock photos has played an integral role among graphic designers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs., are some of the leading stock photography websites dominating in the market - it offers millions of high-quality images from thousands upon thousands of its contributors around the globe. While you can find almost every photo you need on these websites, their professionally-shot contents of course, cost a hefty price.

Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash

Luckily, there are several free stock photography sites growing all over the web nowadays. By means of FREE - anyone can use this images on different purposes (commercial or non-commercial use) and while some requires author credit or attribution, some or even most of them does not. These Stock Photography sites has a large number of beautifully captured images from legions of generous photographers everywhere, from beautiful environment scenery to stunning close ups, you will certainly find the image you need on this websites.

About The Content Licenses

It is important to identify the licensing of the content before using images downloaded from this sources. Many of the images available on these Stock Photography sites are licensed as “Creative Commons Zero” or “CC0,” which means they’re totally free to use, however, if you came across with a content that is licensed under “CC2.0,” that means it’s free to use commercially but requires author's attribution.

Going on, here are the top 10 Free Stock Photography websites you should visit:

1. Pixabay

Pixabay Website Homepage Screenshot

Pixabay is a bay of over million of free stunning high-quality images, videos, vectors, and illustrations. Founded on 2010, Pixabay's content has grown exponentially with thousand of talented contributors from its ever growing community. All contents of Pixabay are released under CC0 license which means, all contents are totally free to use and no attribution is required but giving credit to the author or the website itself is highly appreciated.

On May 2019, Pixabay was acquired by Canva along with another Free Stock Photography website giant Pexels.

2. Unsplash

Unsplash Website Homepage Screenshot

Unsplash is overflowing with beautiful high-quality images supplied by the generous community of photographers. It started as a humble Tumblr blog launch on 2013 with only 10 high resolution photos posted.  Today, it has grown into a massive source of creativity with over millions of high-quality content being downloaded 10 times per second.

All images uploaded in Unsplash are also published under CC0 license. Attribution is not required but giving credit to the photographer is appreciated as it provides exposure to their work and encourages them to continue sharing.

3. Pexels

Pexels Website Homepage Screenshot

Pexels is a great resource for a 100% free photos and videos. You can easily find the photo you need with its advance search & explore functionality. Started on 2014, Pexels has been consistently empowering creators over the years. All high-quality content of Pexels are carefully handpicked from its contributors and sources to ensure users will only get the best stock.

Contents uploaded in Pexels are also under the CC0 license, so users can feel free to use everything from Pexels commercially or non-commercial.

4. StockSnap

Stocksnap Website Hompage Screenshot

StockSnap offers a huge amount of beautiful and high quality stock photos for just about any use you can think of - all for 100% Free. The site comes with a tag-based category system that helps users to easily find the right photo from its ever-growing collection.

This site is frequently uploading new contents from a growing community of contributors which makes StockSnap as a reliable source of free stock photos. All images are also under CC0 license that gives you freedom  to do whatever you want, with no attribution required. No tricks, no gimmicks, no fine print; just dazzling images for your creative projects.

5. Negative Space

Negative Space Website Homepage Screenshot

Negative Space is a constantly growing stock photography site with new high-quality contents uploaded every week. No matter what image you need, you'll probably find it from its massive collection of photos across a variety of categories. All photos uploaded on Negative Space are also licensed under CC0, which means you can freely use images whatever you want - no copyright restrictions, no attributions required.

6. Picjumbo

Picjumbo Website Homepage Screenshot

From "a guy who shares his photos to the world. For free", photographer Viktor Hanacek stuffed his shots on Picjumbo who's image database has been growing since 2013. It is one of the best sites with a wide selection of high-quality images across different topics.

High-resolution stock images are being added on a daily basis on Picjumbo. It has a handful of photos free for commercial and non-commercial use. It also offers a premium subscription where you can access exclusive collection of photos sent directly to your inbox every month where it can be with one click.

7. ReShot

ReShot Website Homepage Screenshot

ReShot's mission is to unify creators and elevate creative projects. This website offers you uniquely free images you cannot find on most stock photography sites. Their contents are carefully handpicked from it's creative community, aiming to be one of the best image repository.

All images in ReShot are under CC0 license, yours to use whatever you want.

8. ISO Republic

ISO Republic Website Homepage Screenshot

ISO Republic offers a highly curated collections of high quality images for everybody. It's one of the best place to find the right image for your creative projects. The number of free images on this site is steadily growing - thanks to its community of photographers who generously share their work without any restrictions under CC0 license.

For access for more image stock, you can subscribe to their website and to get the latest downloads delivered directly to your inbox.

9. PikWizard

PixWizard Website Homepage Screenshot

PikWizard is another amazing stock photo site that offers a massive number of  free high-resolution images. It contains a wide selection of images across different categories, all of which are covered under the CC0 license. The website comes with an online photo editor DesignWizard, an excellent tool for basic graphic designing which is pretty impressive.

10. Burst (by Shopify)

Burst Website Homepage Screenshot

Powered by the leading e-commerce software Shopify, Burst is a free stock photo platform with a flourishing number of high-quality images supplied by its global community of professional photographers. The website is also loaded with entrepreneurial guides for people who are interested in online business.

Burst's free stock photo library are under CC0 license and Burst own image license. You might get confused with its specific licensing but the website states that both licenses allow users to use their content for personal or commercial purposes, with no attribution required.

Honorable Mentions

We have stated our top 10 picks of free stock photography sites, but this post cannot be completed without mentioning other sites that generously provides free images for everyone. Check out this amazing sites that is also filled with stunning imagery.

Final Thoughts

Internet is indeed, filled with generous websites fueled by generous talented people all over the world. These amazing stock photography sites has been beneficial to designers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs over the years. With these websites, we can no longer spend a dime to acquire photos that fits in our needs, we just have to attribute the authors and give proper credit (if possible) for them to continue sharing their works.

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