Using keyboard shortcuts certainly saves time and effort in executing some computer functionalities without touching the mouse or other pointing device. They just don’t let the users tasks done quickly, but also boosts productivity.

Windows is packed with keyboard shortcuts and the latest Windows 10 offers new set of shortcuts for better operation of operating system’s interface and features.

Here are the 24 most useful keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10 that you should get familiar with.

Keyboard Shortcuts What it Does
 key +1, +2 and so on Switch and launch active applications according to sequence on the taskbar
 key + D Hide/Show Desktop
 key + E Launch File Explorer with the Quick Access tab displayed
 key + H Opens up Share Feature
 key + I Opens Settings app
 key + K Opens Connect pane to connect to wireless displays and audio devices.
 key + L The usual device Lock and displays the Lock screen.
 key + M Minimizes all open windows
 key + T Cycles through the active apps on the taskbar
 key + U Launches Ease of Access Center
 key + V Opens Action Center and cycles through notifications
 key + X Opens Advanced Menu in the lower-left corner of the screen
 key + TAB Opens Task view
 key + , Sneak a look at the desktop
 key + Plus Sign/Minus Sign Zoom in (+) and Zoom Out (-)
 key + LEFT/RIGHT ARROW Docks active window to the left or right half of the monitor
 key + UP/DOWN ARROW Maximizes/Minimizess active window
 key + HOME Minimizes all nonactive windows and restores on second keystroke
 key + PRNT SCRN Takes picture of the screen and automatically saves to Computer > Pictures > Screenshots folder
 key + CTRL + D Creates new virtual desktop.
 key + CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT ARROW Switch to the next or previous virtual desktop
 key + CTRL + F4 Close the current virtual desktop
 key + SHIFT + UP/DOWN ARROW Maximizes/Minimizes active window vertically, maintaining the current width
 key + ENTER Launch Windows Narrator

So there you go. These 24 most useful keyboard shortcuts will surely improve your efficiency on Windows, it may take time to familiarize all of these shortcuts but giving it a try will be worth it. Who knows, you might find yourself getting addicted to this.

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