Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the number one and most advance photo editing software available on the market today. Its popularity even became a brand that most people know of when it comes to graphic designing. Photoshop is a bit costly application - now that it is under the new Adobe Creative Cloud platform and probably getting more expensive on each and every version released. But still, million of users trust Photoshop, and its literally everywhere, used by photographers, digital artists, schools and professional editors for various usage.

While Photoshop dominates the Graphic Designing world, several photo editing applications are also being developed and some of these applications are packed with features that can get along with what Adobe Photoshop can offer. But then, some of available competitive softwares also cost a certain amount of cash from your pocket, however, not everything come with a price - for there are handful of open source applications similar to Photoshop made available. Though some of these applications does not function the way Photoshop works, yet can be considered as practical alternative and still does the job.

If you are looking for a cheaper or even free photo editing software that has features similar to Photoshop, then check out this 5 best free Photoshop alternatives.

1. Gimp

Gimp Interface Screenshot

Gimp - GNU Image Manipulation Program is an open source, cross-platform application that can be considered as the best and leading alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Gimp provides a long list of features under its main functionality that is closer to what Photoshop can do. It supports artwork layers, customizable advance filters, layer masking, color adjustments transformation and a handful of tools needed for a high quality artwork processing.

This application is actively updated by its developers alongside with its additional plugins to further enhance your productivity. Gimp has a growing community with a large number of active users. The website itself is stuffed with tutorials to get you going.

Download Gimp HERE.

2. Photopea

Photopea Online Interface Screenshot

If you are already familiar with the Photoshop Interface, then using Photopea will be much easier for you. Developed by a programmer Ivan Kutskir, Photopea is an advance online photo editing tool that looks very similar to Photoshop. This tool is packed with rich features and supports major files extensions such as PSD, SKETCH, XCF etc.

Photopea is an open source application that runs through web browsers on any device. Though it is a web-based tool, you can actually disconnect to the internet after you load Photopea and use it completely offline. There are several active sites that uses the Photopea API such as and which are also free and safe to use.

3. Pixlr Pro

Pixlr Pro Online Interface Screenshot

Pixlr Editor is a popular advanced online photo editor developed by Autodesk and acquired by 123rf last 2017. Pixlr is a set of a browser-based photo editing apps namely Pixlr X, Editor, Pro and Express. Each of these apps are good enough to use from the basic editing to advance and complex graphic designing. Pixlr Pro is the one closest to the Photoshop application, just like the Photopea app, it resembles a Photoshop-like interface. It is also packed with amazing features and a large collection of additional tools for advance image editing. 

Pixlr Pro offers a subscription of $5/month. It has tons of ready made template for any projects a user can use or can simply create an artwork from scratch. Though this tool does not work as powerful as Photoshop does, but it is an excellent choice for beginners or a temporary online photo editing app.

4. Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro Interface Screenshot

Photo Pos Pro is a professional desktop photo editing software with a feature rich and powerful functionality. It was originally developed as a simple image editing software, then eventually transformed into an impressive tool. Just like the rest of advance Image Editing softwares, Photo Pos Pro supports all standards professional features such as Filters, Layers, Masks, Curves, Scripts, Effects, Brushes and more tools to play with. 

Photo Pos Pro is indeed one of the leading tools in the graphic design industry. Its exquisite interface and superb functionality makes it a potential Photoshop alternative. Photo Pos Pro is a freemium tool. Its complete set of premium features can be utilize for 21 days, then the user can opt with a premium lifetime license for a very reasonable price. 

5. Interface Screenshot is simple, yet, a very powerful free image editing software. It features a very intuitive user interface and offers a variety of functionality with powerful tools that can help you create a better image. This application was originally intended to replace the native Microsoft Paint, but eventually grown into an impressive tool. has an active growing community and its users has been also developing useful plugins for the application. Although this tool cannot surpass of what other advance photo editing applications can do, but its still an amazing tool to use as an alternative to Photoshop.

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