In our previous post, we rundown with the desktop tools that let you easily create low poly artworks. In this article, we'll be showcasing applications that can help you create a low poly art using your smartphones and unleash your creativity at your fingertips. These apps work the same with the desktop versions, some are constructed with the simplest settings and process while some are repleted with features that can vie with any major low poly generators.

Image by Денис Марчук from Pixabay

1. PolyGen

PolyGen is considerably the best and most advance low poly image generator for mobile phones since the release of early versions of smartphone operating systems (Android and iOS). It is the app that lets everybody be an artist. PolyGen is simple but with a powerful solutions wrapped in an easy-to-use interface which also gives you total control of your artwork. With PolyGen you can generate endless amount of polygon patterns, pick your colours, sizes and contrast, create beautiful abstract art, generate avatars, social media backgrounds, and many more!

Polygen App Screenshots

PolyGen is indeed small but has excellent features stacked on it, in fact, it can get along with any major PC or web-based low poly generator on the market. You can generate new polygon patterns automatically with one simple tap or you can manually plot and edit vertices by hand. The artworks generated with this app is not only for mobiles but also for desktop since it does not sacrifice the base image quality upon generation.

You can learn more about the app by visiting the official website polygenapp. PolyGen is available for both Andriod and iOS, (unfortunately, the link on the Google Playstore seems to be not working. So far, we haven't found any reasons for its removal and it has never been updated since 2015). The iOS version of this app is working well, and for the android users, the app can still be downloaded on other APK websites such as

2. Polygon Effect

Polygon Effect is an app that instantly turns your photos into geometric works of art in just a few taps. The interface is very easy-to-use with no complicated settings and menus to navigate through. With Polygon Effect unlocking your creative potential is literally at your fingertips with its density and fade sliders control.  The density controls the number of polygons generated from your base image and the fade controls the opacity of the polygon details of the artwork.

Polygon Effect on Google PlayStore Screenshot

You will be able to select a photo from your device's gallery upon opening and let the fun begin. You can further play around with the control sliders and apply various effects. When you're done, you can easily save it and share it to major social media platforms.

Polygon Effect is available on Android and iOS. Get the Android Polygon Effect App HERE and for the iOS, click HERE.

3. Triangulated

Triangulated is a simple, fast and easy to use low poly image generator application. It has a very straightforward interface with no complicated settings and menus to tap to. Opening the application allows you to load you base image by selecting a source by browsing into gallery or taking an instant photo to edit. 

Triangulated on Google PlayStore Screenshot

As soon as your base image is loaded, you can quickly apply the low poly effect by controlling its sliders. Feature slider  under the points tab controls the detail of your artwork with the number of polygons generated from your loaded image, the Random slider generates random vertices on it, You can also activate the wire frame view of your artwork where you can select stroke color and control its width. It has also an alpha control that sets the opacity of the polygons of your artwork for the final output. This app allows you to directly save your artwork into your phones gallery or export the output to SVG or OBJ files.

Triangulated app is only available in Android, you can download it HERE.

4. Polyd

Take a selfie and polygonize yourself. Polyd is a creative application that allows you to draw with points and turn your pictures into a geometric array of colors. With the app, you can create beautiful low poly images with a few taps. You can choose which parts of the base image to polygonize and spare the parts that you don't want to apply the polygons. 

Polyd on App Store Screenshot

Polyd has a  zoom feature wherein you can refine the plotting of points for the vertices generation, you can erase/redraw individual polygons on your base image, as well as adjust the transparency to give the polygons texture. This app does not sacrifice the resolution of the exported image as it retains the same resolution as the imported/taken picture.

Polyd is only available on App Store for iOS devices. It has a FREE and PAID version, you can get it HERE.

Trianglify lets you create a low poly art binding a synoptic abstract patterns or a pseudo-realistic effect from a base image. It combines powerful features with an intuitive interface. It also allows you to apply a set of pre-defined effects to get a unique and creative modern art image output.

Trianglify on App Store Screenshot

With Trianglifyyou can do a lot with your creativity with simple taps. You can create an unlimited number of pixelated patterns from an image, select colors, size, contrast and more. It supports hi-resolution outputs, perfect for smartphone & desktop wallpapers, avatars, and profiles.

This app FREE and available only on the App Store for iOS devices. Get it HERE.

This app surely helps you unleash your creativity and transform your photos into geometric Works of Art! Trimaginator reduces an image to its essentials, creating the illusions of triangles, prisms, and pyramids, hence, a mesmerizing low poly art is generated. 

Trimaginator App Official Website Screenshot

Trimaginator is packed with brilliant features that provide you the power in generating a low poly art in the simplest possible yet creative way. It has an automatic and manual point plotting that gives you full control of your artwork and to maximize your editing comfort that surprisingly produces an interesting result.

This app is built to take off your creativity at its finest, and it offers you its greatest asset: to allow you to change the geometry of your creation independently from its style, this simple concept enables so much creativity! 

You can share your creation on most social networks, and export your artwork as an editable PDF file. Trimaginator is available on Android, iOS and OSX platforms. It is a PAID app, though it will cost you money, still, it's something worth to try.

Know more about this app HERE.

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