As the Android OS keeps on developing over the years, lots and lots of Android-based applications are being created and produced on the biggest Android Market, the Google Play Store. Statistically, as of June of this year, there are over 2.7 million apps and games uploaded in the Playstore and more android developers from over 190 countries and territories keep on publishing apps and games day by day in front of billion android active users around the globe.

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Back in the days, a serious amount of skills and a bunch of technical requirements is needed to build a working app or games, which would probably take a long time to produce. Now, there are newly developed app-creator platforms that can be used to create app and games in a few clicks, in fact, some of this platforms does not require a massive coding knowledge and has a drag-and-drop feature which makes app-building easier.

In the past few years, web-based app-building platforms are also introduced around the web. It now became the easiest and fastest way to create simple android games and applications, with this, anybody, whether you are a programmer or not, can create app and upload it in google playstore by purchasing a google playstore publisher account for $25 and make money out of it.

Here are the 5 sites that help you Create, Download, Distribute and Monetize Your App.

1. QuickAppNinja

QuickAppNinja is a web-based game app builder developed by programmer Dimitri Placko and his team. It offers an easy, intuitive drag-n-drop game wizard that comes with several templates that allow you to easily create your own android games.

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This feature-rich platform is 100% FREE, you can create your game easily from its current 5 available game templates:
  • 4 Pics 1 Word
  • Guess the Picture
  • Guess the Hidden Picture
  • Find Words
  • Chat Story
All templates have a simple and easy app-building interface, from selecting the type of game you want to build, designing, dropping your contents, overall settings and monetization, everything is well-prepared. All you need is a good idea and better images for your game. QuickAppNinja currently supports well-known ad networks (Admob & Facebook Ads) they provide detailed step-by-step video tutorials on how to set up your app monetization and start making money without spending a dime.

It also came with achievements categories that will help you personalize your game plus an exclusive Google Play app store optimization video course: "ASO MASTERY" by the top expert - Steve P. Young.

One interesting feature they offer is the WIN-WIN strategy. Since it's FREE, QuickAppNinja encourages you to create more games as possible, making sure that you will earn better, however, if you cannot make at least $50 in the next 30 days, they will buy your $25 Google Play Account for 30$. It's a Zero Risk Offer!

2. AppsGeyser

Developed by Besttoolbars, this platform is claiming to be the Fastest and The Simplest App Builder. Launched in January of 2011, AppsGeyser has already reached millions of apps created on their platform. Same as the quickappninja, it's also absolutely FREE! No coding skills required and has a drag-n-drop interface.

Appsgeyser Homepage Screenshot

AppsGeyser offers the largest number of diverse customizable templates and presets to build apps and games. Currently, they are offering 70+ templates across different categories from Business types, Web app contents, Media Players, Browsers, Messengers, Games and a lot more. It is also filled with detailed tutorials and step-by-step manuals that'll lead you from making your Android applications to growing and monetizing it. Both the platform and the app creator will be sharing through transparent 50/50 revenue share on advertisements on monetizing the apps, hence, AppsGeyser will profit when the user profits.

If you want to remove advertisement on your published app, you will pay a small amount to continue using their platform, However, If you want to build an app for your business, AppsGeyser offers a little gift, a special free template without ads.


3. AppyGen

AppyGen has been around since 2014 and has reached around 300,000+ apps created helping people build a passive income from scratch. With no coding requirements, this platform also offers a drag-n-drop feature that allows anyone to create Android apps & games in less than 5 minutes.

AppyGen Homepage Screenshot

This platform has a FREE and PREMIUM membership options. For free users, AppyGen offers with a lot of beautiful free templates to choose from and premium members can use premium templates plus a number of overwhelming features. Just like the other platforms, AppyGen also gives you a simple and easy to use app-building interface,  you just have to pick a template, add your contents, connect your Ad network, export, publish then make some money.

It is also packed with gamified training to teach every user about everything that needs to be learned in a fun and easy way. They develop a leveling system where users can get rewarded with a new badge and a new rank every time you finish a level, there is also a leaderboard where users can compete with other members to keep you motivated.

There are plenty of features being offered by this platform to help you succeed, in short, they just have everything you need.


4. Flowlab

This platform is considered as the most advance web-based game visual game creator. Also gives a drag-n-drop feature with no coding required with its flow-based visual logic builder, sprite and animation tools, and an integrated editor. You can create any type of game with Flowlab. All game elements (logic & Sprites) can be edited directly inside the editor.

Flowlab Homepage ScreenShot

Flowlab is FREE to use, however, you can only create 3 games with 50 game objects on a free account, exporting your game is also disabled. To use the best out of this platform is to subscribe on it's offered plans, the Studio Plan($32/month), Education Plan($24/month), and the Indie Plan($10/month). The indie plan is the most popular plan of the platform, it'll let you create unlimited games which you can export your game on any platforms with team collaboration and personalize the sounds of your game.

It is also packed with platform resources that guide you on building games with Flowlab, video tutorials, helpful examples, user guides and more. Flowlab supports Android, iOS, Windows Desktop, or Amazon App Store exporting, it's a pack of platforms to publish and sell your games.



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